Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a solution applied to lighten the color of teeth that have changed color and yellowed for various reasons, a few tones for the person. It is the process of removing the discoloration that occurs in the structure of the teeth (enamel and dentin layer).

Veeners & implants

Healthy and white teeth are important for a beautiful smile. However, structural defects that occur during the formation of teeth, some antibiotics used as a child or in the womb, what we eat and drink, and the amount of fluoride in drinking water can discolor our teeth. In addition to these, old age, old dentures, veneers and fillings are also effective in the loss of whiteness in the teeth. Teeth become darker as a result of colored organic and inorganic substances accumulating in the porous enamel structure on the surface of the teeth over the years due to the influence of tea, coffee, cigarettes we eat, and all beverages containing colorants.  


Teeth whitening is done in a clinical setting, in some cases, the patient is given whitening agents to use at home with specially made appliances and supported by home bleaching. Each patient benefits from this procedure to a different extent. Whitening is not a permanent process for life. Depending on the frequency of the patient’s consumption of coloring foods and beverages, there is a tendency to return to his old color. Achieving permanent whiteness is only possible with prosthetic restorations.

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